Transform Lives, One Wish at a Time

 Please enjoy these photos of some heartfelt wishes that were granted as a result of the 2017 Wishmaker’s Ball.   

You too will have the opportunity to adopt a child’s wish. The average cost of a wish in Southwest Florida is $6,000. 

We hope you will join us to change even more lives.  

9-year-old Jordan wished to have a hospital-themed bedroom

Adopted by: Dr. & Mrs. Hunter Brown

17-year-old Syler wished to have a fishing boat

Adopted by: LeeSar  

3-year-old Lillianne wished to have a playground set

Adopted by: Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Magnant

Adopting Wishes

2 Wishes

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brown 

Mr. Mike Browning & Dr. Leslie Horn 

Ms. Michele Eddy 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Press  

1 Wish

Dr. & Mrs. Hunter Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Carter 

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Craven 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Frith 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Knight 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kunza 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Magnant 

Mr. Shareef Malnik & Mrs. Gabrielle Anwar 

Mr. & Mrs. William Oleksinski 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Stanko 

Ms. Kristen Weardon 

Mr. & Mrs. David Weaver

Wish Partners

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Collins 

Mr. Scott Craven 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fisak 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Graney 

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Gross 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kolshak 

Ms. Dylan Sanders